Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

It is a way of getting over your emotional issue. It is soft and gentle, and you can work at your own pace. It is also much quicker than traditional talk therapy. 
How does it work?

It works by gently tapping on specific points on your body. It is easy to do, non-invasive and gentle.  This tapping changes things at a very deep level so that traumas just evaporate, negative emotions (such as grief, sadness, anger) are gently processed and released, and false beliefs such as "I'm not good enough" are replaced by balanced, true, empowering beliefs such as "I am good enough". 

It sounds like so much mumbo-jumbo to me.

I can understand that. I thought the same when I first came across it. And it certainly is not in the mainstream yet. But I promise you that it works just as I say. And you can try it risk-free and see for yourself. And see the page of testimonials.

Isn't EFT just the placebo affect?

Well, even if it was, would it matter, once it worked? But I don't think it is, as it works even if you're sceptical, and it works on babies too.

Is it safe?

I believe it to be safe or I would not be sharing it, and millions of people all over the world have used EFT safely. But you take full responsibility for your experience of it. I suggest that if you are very emotionally fragile, or are on heavy medication, or any other similar situation, that you do not use these videos. EFT can still work for you, but with a qualified practitioner rather than by yourself. 

Can I do the EFT on my own, without your videos?

For sure. You can find out how to do it here.  The question is not whether you can do it on your own, but will you? It's hard to hold the space for our own healing, and to be our own guide. These videos solve those problems.  

How long do the results last?

They last forever. Once an issue is erased, there is no reason for it to come back. Other things may upset you, of course, or other memories surface - but EFT can be used for those too.

Will I get upset?

You might. EFT is as gentle as it gets, but it's still possible that emotions can get overwhelming. It's rare, but it does happen. This is not as much of a problem as it sounds, though. If emotions overwhelm you as you tap, just keep tapping while you cry, knowing that you are releasing and processing that buried emotion as you do.  After a while you will calm and while you will probably feel exhausted, you will feel a lot better.

What if I feel worse?

This is related to the above question. You might feel temporarily worse, although the scripts are designed to be very gentle and minimise this. But once you keep tapping until you feel better (which should take tens of minutes at most, not hours and hours), then feeling worse will only be temporary. Think of it like this: a burst boil looks worse briefly until it's cleaned, but the pus is absolutely better off out of your body than staying in there as poison. And the buried feelings are emotional poison. 

What side-effects are there?

One of the gifts of EFT is that there are no bad side-effects. As you tap you may well find yourself yawning lots, and sighing lots, and maybe even notice your tummy gurgling. And very, very rarely people experience a break-out of spots. And as mentioned above, occasionally there can be very strong emotion. 

How is EFT different from traditional talk-therapy?

EFT is very different to talk therapy. Although there is a talking element (i.e. you talk when you tap) it's really body work. These traumas and emotions and beliefs are held in the body, and that's where we have to go to heal them. Put it this way, talk therapy might help you know something rationally (e.g.: "She told me lies about who I am"). But it's not the same as knowing it deep down. You know it, but you don't feel it. It doesn't feel true. With EFT, you will come to know it deep down, and feel it as absolutely true, and can live your life going forward with that new belief.

How does it feel to do EFT?

It can feel very relaxing, or it can feel very 'nothing'. It shouldn't hurt - if a tapping point is tender, just tap very gently on it, so that it doesn't hurt. 

How often should I do EFT?
I recommend no more than half an hour or, at most, an hour a day. I say this for a number of reasons. One is that even once a day is a big commitment  It's far better to do once a day consistently than three or four times a day for a while, and then stop doing it.
Another reason to do little-and-often is that that's not threatening to us. We all have a bias against change. Change can feel scary and unsafe and often self-sabotage is an attempt to keep us safe by stopping the change, even though it's change for the better. By only doing EFT once a day the changes are so subtle that they don't trigger this panic reaction.
And thirdly, there are deep and powerful changes at a deep level even doing it once a day, and it's good to let those settle into the system before doing more. It's like, you don't give your plant a month's worth of water at one go as it can only use it a bit at a time. 
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