Download / Sign-In Instructions

When you purchase from us you'll receive an email from with the topic : Here is your kit.
The content of the email will be the following: 

Click on the link below where it says 'Here is the signup address'.
You'll be brought briefly to this screen:

And then to this:

Fill in the details on this screen. Put in your name, address and email, and then a username and password of your choice. Click the 'submit' button (ringed red in this image to show you).
Your account activation is then complete. 
To log in again, come to this website and click on the 'members' link, ringed in red in this image:
You'll be brought to this screen:
Your products are the ones under the word 'Your Download' in the right hand nav bar (ringed in red in this image). If you want to access your profile, say to change your password, click the word 'profile' in the top nav bar, ringed in green. 
If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me - the link is in the top nav bar above.