Heal From Emotional Abuse
This resource is about healing the toxic legacy of the emotional abuse you received, one aspect at a time - and doing so quickly, easily and very cost-effectively so you can feel so much better in yourself, and will start to have the quality of life you deserve.

We do this by using EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT does exactly what it says - gives emotional freedom, and it does so quickly, easily, painlessly and almost effortlessly. It's not therapy, but it works quicker than therapy. 
This may sound too good to be true, but as you shall see, it's not. 

EFT works by simple tapping on acupuncture points whilst speaking of your issue. And gradually, easily, the issue just dissolves until it is gone. An issue can be anything from a trauma, to a phobia, to a limiting belief, to doubt, to grief and sadness, to anger ... any emotional block at all. You can find out more by going to our FAQ page.

You have three options regarding EFT:
  • Work one-to-one with a practitioner. This is the best option in many ways, but is expensive.

  • Do it by yourself. It's perfectly possible to do, and this option is free. (I give full instructions on how to do it for yourself here.) But often it's hard to know what to say while you tap, especially when the abuse was so subtle you can barely articulate to yourself what the problem is. And it can be almost impossible to hold the space for your own healing. And so, while you certainly can tap by yourself, will you?

  • EFT Videos created for healing your specific issues as a DONM. These are more cost-effective and time-effective than a one-to-one practitioner, and much more efficient than working by yourself. This is the resource I share with you here.
The way it works is this: You watch a video showing the points to tap and what to say, and you tap where indicated and say the text, and the video guides you through the process. 
It couldn't be easier. You decide what issue you'd like to heal, what limiting belief you'd like to let go of, and simply follow along with the appropriate video. Obviously it's not the same as working with a real life EFT practitioner, but it is easier than doing the tapping by yourself. (Although I need to stress that you absolutely can do that, and these videos are just a tool to make it easier if you choose that option). 
You have two options regarding accessing these videos. You can purchase an individual video for download, to keep.
Or, you can join The Healing Club. The way that works is this:
You become a member of the Healing Club on a month-by-month basis. This membership gives you full unrestricted access to all the videos and other resources, to use as often as you wish. There is no commitment - you can cancel at any time. So, for example, if you want to heal just one specific issue, you can just join for one month, work on the issue for as much of that month as is needed, and then cancel. 

I need to say, so that I do not misrepresent myself, that these videos are not professionally produced. They're perfectly clear and audible, just not that slick. The value lies in the content, and that, I stand over 100%.

I know that EFT might be new to you, and that it might well sound too-good-to-be true. And so, I offer you the option to join The Healing Club for 7 days for just $1.00. This will allow you to prove to yourself that EFT actually does work to erase and heal all the toxic legacy. 
If you wish to remain a member and start healing other elements of the toxic legacy, then you need do nothing else - the first low monthly fee of $17.00 (the cost of about 15 minutes of a therapist's time) will be automatically paid 7 days later, and you will have continued access to all these videos.
Also, as soon as your first month's payment goes through, you will get access to my best-selling life-changing book "You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother", for instant download to your computer.
If you don't wish to continue your membership, you can cancel your membership* at any time during those 7 days and you will not be charged another penny. 

You can likewise cancel your monthly membership at any time - there is no ongoing commitment.
*You can easily cancel your membership by going to your PayPal account, clicking on the 'profile' link, then the 'my money' link, and then the 'update' link on the 'my preapproved payments' section, and delete the subscription. Or, email me and I'll do it from my end. 

See the graphic below which represents the videos you have full access to once you join The Healing Club, and don't forget you can get 100% access to The Healing Club for a full seven days for just $1 so you can experience how well EFT works for yourself.



P.S. Don't forget - you get full access to The Healing Club for a full seven days for just $1, get 100% unrestricted access to all these resources for the full length of your membership, and can cancel at any time.